Round Lake

Round Lake IRS (Stockholm)

Operated by Presbyterian United Church

It began as a one room school in a log cabin in 1884. It was remodelled in 1918, but a 1923 fire destroyed classrooms. Inspection reports from the 1920s indicate it was unsanitary and poorly heated. In 1935 three boys ran away, with one dying of exposure. In 1949 fire destroyed the blacksmith shop and 3 granaries. In 1950 the school was condemned by the fire commissioner and the school was closed.

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1898 sketch plan of Round Lake IRS (LAC, RG10, vol. 6334, file 661-9).

It is described as being located in the ne 1/4 of Section 14, Township 18, Range 3.

At the time it was prepared additional land was being sought to support the school. Apparently it gained land to the north of the buildings rather than to the east as indicated in the sketch.



1 Round Lake IRS complex

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